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Jack Slack is an author and sculptor who has been selling his sculptural work throughout the United States, parts of Europe and the Caribbean  for the past 42 years.  His new book, Caution to the Wind: One man's Story of Adventure, covers the more dangerous aspects of his adventurous life.  It is available as an ebook on both Amazon.com and Smashwords.com 

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He is also the author of Finders Losers, which is an autobiographical account of  his discovery known as the Lucayan Treasure Find.  It is presently available in a revised edition as an eBook for the Kindle on Amazon.com and in various digital formats on Smashwords.com. This book which was first published in hard cover in the U.S. by Holt, Rinehart & Winston  and subsequently published in the United Kingdom by Hutchinson Ltd. where it was chosen for the Adventurers Club collection.  The story was later  made into a documentary film released in Europe.  He was presented to Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of her visit to the Bahamas as a result of the Royal treasure gift to the Queen by the Bahamian government.  

 He is an accomplished wood and stone carver of the old mallet & chisel variety, seldom using sketches and almost always using live models or his vivid imagination.

In his new book it's easy to see he became an intrepid adventurer early in life. He was a professional fire fighter, commercial spear fishing diver, salvage diver,  and as a tropical diver he traveled around the Atlantic and Caribbean on skindiving and windsurfing expeditions.  He has been a champion skin diver and scuba instructor, experienced coral reef shark diver with hands-on exposure to creatures of the deep, as well as a researcher, cruising sailor and a writer.  He is a Korean War vet and was also  part of the European Occupation Forces of WWII.   In graduate school he won the national collegiate La Gorce award in cartography with an ocean chart on reefs and currents, matching his special studies on climatology and the ecology of the Soviet Union.  For several decades his sculptural designs have captivated people worldwide on his jewelry web site.

He has lived and cruised in the Bahamas on his sailboat and discovered a sunken Spanish treasure galleon in 1965, the largest treasure discovery of the legendary pieces-of-eight from the reign of Philip IV (1621-1665,) the news of which made headlines throughout the world and a cover story in Look magazine.  

He was the oceanographic search director for Bahamas Oceanographic Society,  under a Harvard charter, appointed by James H. Rand.  During his cruising days he was a friend, coach, and diving companion of  Jacques Mayol, the famous French skin diver and free dive record holder. He performed one of the earliest open water emergency stage recompression rescues  during Jacques Mayol's world record dive when two safety divers got the bends from overexposure working at a depth of 200 feet, off the coast of Grand Bahama.  The details of many of his adventures will be covered in his upcoming book.

Email address:  jackslack@jackslack.net